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We invest in technologies, research and knowledge to ensure the best innovation in packaging.  


Ghelfi 1905 – the team dedicated to research

The Ghelfi 1905 division is composed of a team of experienced technicians dedicated to the identification and development of innovative solutions in the fields of:


rule pencil

Packaging design




Technologies and processes


Areas of development

The paper

Study and characterisation of the properties of papers going into the various compositions of the corrugated cardboard.

The corrugated cardboard

Mechanical optimisation of corrugated cardboard, also through specially-developed software.

The press

Study and optimisation of the flexographic and digital printing process (photopolymers, inks, Anilox Roller, etcetera).

The paper treatments

Surface treatments for the paper, aimed at changing its functionality and seeking new properties.

New technologies

Exploration of technologies related to materials from bio-resources (starches, cellulose, and so on) in packaging.

Electronics and sensors

Internal development of low-cost sensors for monitoring the production process.


Collaborations with Universities 

A significant part of the research is conducted through qualified collaborations with Universities and Research Institutes.

Politecnico di Milano

  • The Final Synthesis Laboratory of the Master’s Degree in Integrated Product Design on “Corrugated cardboard: innovative solutions and systems” – Professor Bisson, 2 editions, since 2019
  • Chair affiliated with the Department of Industrial Chemistry – Professor Del Curto, since 2008
  • Synthesis Workshop – 3rd year, Faculty of Design on “digital” packaging, Professor Bisson, 6 editions since 2008
  • Workshop – 3rd year, Faculty of Design on innovative packaging, Professor Del Curto, 14 editions since 2007
  • Workshop of excellence in collaboration with Barilla, July 2016
  • Biennial research fellowship on “Evolution of the package in the GDO”, Dr Zinzone, since 2012
  • Sponsor of the research of the eCommerce Observatory
  • Sponsor of the Retail Observatory in 2019
  • Various theses since 2007



University of Florence

Workshop – 3rd year, Faculty of Architecture on packaging for the 2015 Milan EXPO (in partnership with Comieco), Professor Cianfanelli, 4 editions since 2009

University of the Republic of San Marino

Workshop – 3rd year, Faculty of Architecture on packaging (in partnership with Comieco), Professor Razani, 1st edition in 2014

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