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A significant part of the research activity is conducted through collaboration programs with universities and research institutes.


Politecnico di Milano

Chair in agreement with the Industrial Chemistry Department Prof. Del Curto since 2008

Laboratory of synthesis III year of Design faculty on “digital” packaging Prof. Bisson 6 editions since 2008

Workshop III year Design faculty on innovative packaging Prof Del Curto 9 editions since 2007

Excellence workshop in collaboration with Barilla in July 2016

Two-year research grant on “evolution of the pack in GDO” Dr. Zinzone since 2012

Various thesis work since 2007


Università degli Studi di Firenze

Workshop III year architecture faculty on packaging for EXPO Milano 2015 (in partnership with Comieco) Prof. Cianfanelli 4 editions since 2009.

Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino

Workshop III year faculty of architecture on packaging (in partnership with Comieco) Prof. Razani, 1st edition in 2014