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Giuseppe Ghelfi elected spokesperson for the paper category

The Assembly of the Paper, Graphics, Publishing Merchandise Category of Confindustria Lecco and Sondrio, which was held on 22 July at the headquarters of the Association, renewed the offices for the two-year period 2022-2024, electing Giuseppe Ghelfi as the new President . During the meeting, the deputy Emanuele Redaelli (TILSA), the Director Carlo Anghileri (Novacart) and the representative of the Small Industry Gianluca Bonazzi (Bonazzi Grafica) were also appointed, completing the Board of Directors.

“Together with those who preceded me - underlines the President of the Category Giuseppe Ghelfi -, we will carry out concrete projects that communicate to the children the importance of the supply chain and recycling of paper as a renewable and" green "material. Together with the associates we will evaluate common solutions to the problems we have today, knowing full well that sharing and sustainability must become, if they are not already, social and economic value. The digital transition can become digital sharing allowing to waste less during the various steps of the supply chain; energy, on the other hand, can be transformed into a new way of thinking about how to produce, use and purchase energy together ”.

During this period, the Assemblies of all ten of the Association's Product Categories were scheduled, with the renewal of the offices for the next two years.

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