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A thousand "mountable cradles" for Ukraine

Design as a means of solidarity, a cradle in reinforced cardboard, a simple but functional object, easy to assemble.
A cradle for Ukraine" is the name of the project that Woodly, a company based in Lesignano de' Bagni that designs and produces Montessori cradles and cribs, has created to help mothers and babies fleeing from war and with which we are proud to participate.
What is happening in Ukraine has deeply affected the founder of Woodly who decided to use his skills to develop something to support refugees, even if only temporarily.
The company has designed a 70x43xh27 plasticized reinforced cardboard cradle that uses the concept of self-assembling boxes, which do not require gluing or anything else. The cradle arrives folded flat, together with a mattress with cotton lining, a sheet of pvc for food, to be inserted under the mattress, the cotton sheet below and above, a woolen cover or quilt and other useful material for the baby, such as diapers, creams, bottles.

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The fundraising for the project is managed by the Munus Foundation, an established reality that operates through more than 30 funds engaged in multiple fronts of assistance and help to people and communities in need.

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