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FRI-EL Sustainable goodness

FRI-EL is a leading Italian producer of electricity derived from renewable sources and a national leader in the production of tomatoes grown in technological greenhouses. Ever attentive to the environmental impact of its products, this year the company has launched its new brand H2orto, for sustainable goodness, precisely developed to emphasise the extreme rationality and minimum possible environmental impact.

FRI-EL has sought minimal packaging in the various sizes that have a common denominator: space for communication on the packaging, to talk about the product and the company’s commitment.

The trays have been designed to offer the best rapport between the space dedicated to the product they contain and the printable surface, being an important vehicle for promotion and marketing, to communicate the company’s ultimate philosophy to the customer.

The packaging is entirely recyclable and environmentally friendly, as well as being FSC-certified for proper forest management and traceability of the derived products.

Of the 5 sizes produced, 4 are fully closed and stackable from 200, 400, 500 and 650 grams along with a classic conical tray, able to hold 250 grams when open and being closed with a flowpack.

The impact is visually strong – the blue packaging contrasts with the bright red of the bunches of tomatoes.


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