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Our waste extraction and disposal system

The increase in productivity, commensurate with constant growth, has led over the past year to the need to create new conditions for the conveyance of product waste, proportionally reducing dust and thus making spaces cleaner and healthier.

The installation of a machinery dedicated to the extraction and recovery of waste was entrusted to the experience of New Aerodinamica. The team from Bergamo, in collaboration with our engineers, studied and found a solution to our request, a difficult mission if we consider that the intervention was carried out without the need to block the production line.

The main point of the new project was the transition from gravity conveyor belt to a pneumatic suction system. The advantages of this solution are essentially two: the greater flexibility in the distribution of spaces, leaving the areas on the ground free, and the complete absence of dust, caused by the cardboard.

"Given the customer's needs, we felt it necessary, after a first draft of the project draft, to discuss a priori what we would have achieved according to our approach with the Ghelfi Ondulati engineers - specifies Giuseppe Zinetti, New Aerodinamica Project Manager - A very useful choice because it allowed us to foresee and immediately prevent any problems during the construction phase.»

New Aerodinamica also underlines that the close collaboration with an electrical systems company, a long time partner of the Bergamo-based company, was of great importance, with which it was possible to structure a PLC which allowed everyone, New Aerodinamica and Ghelfi Ondulati, to carry out the necessary checks, even remotely, with continuous checks on the consumption levels of the fans and other parts of the system. All of this served to design and build a plant that, as a whole, could be included in the incentives connected to Industry 4.0 for saving energy consumption.

«As we had foreseen - explains Paolo Radaelli, CEO of New Aerodinamica - it was possible to create a new suction and waste system for cardboard clippings without stopping the production lines, dividing them into three macro-areas, each made up of two functioning machines, thus allowing the assembly and testing of the system with a "non-stop production". An apparently simple job, but complicated in its development by some problems, first of all the type of cardboard, difficult to shred to become waste material suitable for vacuuming and the consequent expulsions and recycling.»

The assembly was carried out over three weekends, with a complete elimination of the clogging of the belts (in particular on Bobst Mastercut machines) as well as the possibility of filtering all the air in the plant before being released into the atmosphere.

The new system built has allowed us to reduce maintenance interventions, without forgetting greater health for all employees thanks to incredible air quality.

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