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Protect the boxes with other boxes

To the mix of non-recyclable cushioning materials, many companies have begun to replace alternatives with reduced environmental impact.
Transporting fragile products from the company to the store requires the right amount of ingenuity and a series of technical measures that all packaging professionals are familiar with. Vases, light bulbs, glasses, paintings: any object that can be compromised by impact requires its protective packaging. Protective packaging can be composed of a mix of shock-absorbing and semi-rigid materials which, however, are not always recyclable. The more traditional packaging uses padding generally made of polystyrene, inflatable plastic or anti-shock polyurethane foam cases applied to the corrugated cardboard. In recent years, companies have begun to offer green solutions that take advantage of the elasticity and strength of cardboard and other alternative materials to insulate and protect. In the food sector, alternatives to polystyrene have been introduced, used in the transport of highly perishable products.
For the transport of fruit and vegetables, for years we have developed ESA NO-CRUSH, a patented reduced environmental packaging, which is constantly evolving to improve its performance. Its peculiarity consists in the use of corner reinforcements, which give a traditional tray better mechanical strength, high air circulation inside the platform, greater automation for automatic filling.

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