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Think different, print mosaic!

HP Mosaic is a dynamic customization program on HP Smartstream, a software that automatically generates, an algorithm, a number based on an unlimited number of graphics starting from a single vector design, the central element of the process.
What does it mean?
A single graphic, infinite different boxes, thanks to digital printing, and the possibility for any type of company to create completely variable designs.
How does it work?
Starting from a basic graphic and having chosen the design (part that varies) and its positioning, the motif is modified by resizing to scale, changing colors, focusing on details and other types of processing, obviously with the possibility of controlling the algorithm commands depending on the desired outcome. For a good result, the advice is to have an articulated and colored base file, the more complex the effect, the more, in fact, the products will be customized and the final effect will be amazing!

cuore rosso 2

A powerful means to create original and creative packaging solutions, sophisticated printing works, just as Il Galletto decided to experiment with its Cuore Rosso brand, whose intent was to create a box that recalled the red of the orange and the texts took up the word "love" in various languages, to signify the love for one's land, Sicily.
A limited edition that has left its mark.

Do you want to experiment with Mosaic for your corrugated cardboard pack?

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