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Upcycling: the packs that lived twice!

Have you ever heard of upcycling? I will amaze you by telling you that even if it has never happened to you, you certainly do too, and probably often too.

But what is it about?

By upcycling we mean the use of waste materials, which would be destined to be thrown away, which are instead reused to create new objects. The term upcycling is translated into Italian with creative recycling, reuse or reuse, literally meaning "recycle by improving".

Upcycling can involve different types of objects, but it is particularly suited to the world of packaging, which is perfectly suited for this process.

The box adapts to other needs and finds a new raison d'etre. It can cease its function as a consumer object, to become part of everyday objects, even furniture. It is not just a matter of reinterpreting the function of an object, for the most creative it is to dismantle and reconstruct what already exists. An idea of ​​sustainability through which new objects useful for everyday life come to life.

Upcycling began to be talked about in the mid-90s, with the mechanical engineer Reiner Pilz. For him, recycling is still down-cycling, because objects completely lose their function. With upcycling, however, they acquire new ones, and with them a new importance.
The business has no real rules but is all based on the concepts of use, reuse and recovery: the final products have an added value, given by the creative spirit of those who modify them. One of the main drivers behind this trend is sustainability, a growing trend in the packaging industry.

What are the benefits?

The advantages of the upcycling are innumerable, especially linked to environmental protection and energy saving:

- It improves the environmental impact by decreasing the amount of disposable material, the material that would risk deteriorating the environment in which we live, allowing for less garbage in landfills and less water and air pollution.
- Creating an object with upcycling implies a lower, or even zero energy use, compared to creating a new one, even with recycled material, as well as a significant reduction in cost and time.
- Upcycling can give you many rewards from the point of view of creativity. Thanks to upcycling, you can really create everything, from jewelry to armchairs to art installations, to the most functional and practical ones. If taught to children, this process can teach them to have a creative and open mindset right from the start, the art of getting by!

Ghelfi, with the help of its customers, studies shapes and graphics that support the repository of its corrugated cardboard packs, just some of the examples are the boxes that are transformed into Melinda's game vehicles and the boxes for ecommerce that are transform into candy boxes, in addition to these joint projects with its customers, Ghelfi has decided to create a series of tutorials with simple ideas for upcycling their boxes .. Stay tuned ..

Are you interested in upcycling on boxes and want to create a project with us?

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