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When the industrial and academic worlds meet to plan the future of corrugated cardboard design

With great satisfaction we returned to participate again this year in the educational workshop organized by the School of Design of the Milan Polytechnic, in collaboration with Sienergie.
Our company was presented within a vast and diversified range of choices offered to third year students of the three-year course to participate in the curricular workshop. Together with us, other important corporate realities such as Fantini Rubinetti, WEEE Coordination Center, Conf Industries, Orographies and Panasonic Corporation have given the students the opportunity to deal with design experiences in extremely different production contexts: a variety of opportunities that allows students to gain a broad and valuable perspective on the world of work next to them.
The workshop represents a crucial moment of dialogue between different realities, which are at the same time synergistic. For the academic world and students it is an opportunity for discussion with the world of work and an approach to the dynamics of industrial production, for the companies involved it is an innovative opportunity to maintain a dynamic and attentive gaze at market changes, as well as for gather fresh and creative ideas from young minds.
During the week of the workshops, Ghelfi brought the theme of corrugated cardboard packaging to the classroom, presenting 4 different briefs with Elah Group and Caffè Borbone, with which the students had to interface both with the design needs of the clients and with the technical and production constraints of Ghelfi Ondulati.
As for Elah Group, the students were challenged to design promotional displays for the Crema Novi product and for the NoviPiù bars, with particular attention to modularity, the adaptability of the structure, the total elimination of plastic from the structure and the enhancement of the contained product.
On the other hand, the proposals for Caffè Borbone were driven by the release of the new aluminum coffee capsules and directed towards the design of a new display structure or multipack packaging destined to enter the consumer's home with an experiential and diverse taste.
The students worked intensely in the classroom for four days, concluding the fifth day with the presentations of the projects to teachers and companies. Fresh proposals that reflect the vision of young designers willing to launch themselves into the world of work, but above all to bring to the world the change in customs that design has the power to convey.
In analyzing the youngsters' projects, the attention of the market and young designers towards significant aspects such as the second use of packaging and the lengthening of the product life cycle was evident. Gamification ideas and the introduction of experiences and storytelling in the design of display structures reflect the commitment to offer an engaging shopping experience for consumers. At the same time, great importance was placed on sustainability, with solutions optimized in terms of shape and material.
The use of cardboard as the main material has allowed students to explore all phases of design, from the conception of the concept to the formalization with prototypes both handmade and with the aid of plotters. The versatility of the cardboard allowed them to obtain results quickly, and this made it possible to present as many as 15 full-scale prototypes on the last day of the workshop, sparking interesting discussions between students, customers, the company, teachers and designers.
Thanks to the daily exchange with young designers, the School of Design and discussions with companies that, like ours, have seen the university as a precious source of enrichment, we have returned to the company with new ideas, stimuli and visions to face future scenarios with even more enthusiasm and creativity.

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