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High-speed digital printing is a revolutionary technology for the corrugated packaging industry

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High-speed digital printing is the most disruptive revolutionary technology in the corrugated packaging industry. Six colours, one step, high-performance printing with HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology and water-based inks.


Digital freedom

Very short production times, total customisation of packaging and great flexibility. Infinite possibilities for handling image variants through updating the graphics upon each production, for individual promotional campaigns and much more.


Very high definition and constancy in the end result

Fully-digital pre-press flow

Photographic resolution on all media

Perfect registration

Digital colour management

Uniformity in printing across all productions

Perfect match between the printing proof and production


Time to market and costs

Digital printing permits changing, experimenting and updating the packaging frequently without any particular economic or production burdens. From design to point of sale in minimum time.


Security and interconnection

Efficiency in internal logistics. Manage warehouse stocks in real time through bar codes, QR codes or watermarks printed on each individual packaging, with variable data for the development of anti-shoplifting and anti-counterfeiting techniques. Digital security. Extensive traceability across all levels of the supply chain, valid for every single box produced and packaged.


Endless customisation!

Consumer involvement and engagement is guaranteed. Digital printing is the key to innovating and ensuring easy and efficient sales. In fact, we can manage interactive content, track purchasing behaviours and consequently tailor the customer experience, conduct market research and develop accurate customer profiling.


Digital is Green!

  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces obsolescence
  • Does not contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment
  • Uses water-based ink

Inks in inkjet printing machines are odourless and solvent-free. No Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) are added whilst SOV emissions are reduced. We use water-based inks that are totally free from UV-reacting chemicals so as to broadly meet the most restrictive safety standards related to the production of primary packaging for foodstuff.


Our printer: HP T1190

  • Roll-to-roll system
  • Line speed 183 m/min.
  • Coil width up to 2800 mm
  • Use of a cover from 80 to 400 g/m²
  • 6 CMYKOV colours 
  • Water-based inks
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