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Packaging with reduced environmental impact

Any modern eco-friendly packaging must be designed by bearing in mind that environmental resources are limited and must be used intelligently.
In line with this philosophy, Ghelfi Ondulati has designed packaging to transport fruit and vegetable products. Called “ESA”, it employs special reinforcements (ESA D) to facilitate a traditional tray that “multiplies” its characteristics.

The main advantages offered by ESA NO-CRUSH® over packaging in use today are:

Use of raw materials

In the same size (and thus, equal containment) is the ESA NO-CRUSH® packaging that saves on raw materials by at least 10%. Considering that around 250 million square metres per year are used for the fruit and vegetables sector alone, the project could potentially save 30,000 tonnes of raw materials each year.

Mechanical strength

Despite this savings in “virgin fibre”, in critical conditions an ESA NO-CRUSH® tray has a vertical compressive strength equal to about twice that of traditional trays. This guarantees greater integrity of the goods along the entire logistics chain.

Air circulation

The special geometry of the ESA NO-CRUSH® tray ensures extensive air circulation within the platform, for a more rapid and stable refrigeration of the fruits contained within. This feature reduces the product cooling time before shipping and, above all, renders the temperature distribution within the road train more homogeneous and effective during transport. Both of these factors result in significantly reduced energy costs and a marked increase in the commercial life of the products.

Automatic filling

Being fully open at the top, the ESA NO-CRUSH® is easily handled even with the use of modern end-of-line automatic filling.
Combined with a linear design, all these features make the ESA NO-CRUSH® tray an interesting product suited to a modern logistics system, allowing users to combine respect for the environment with savings and efficiency.

Environmental certifications

The ESA NO-CRUSH® is a certified “FSC” and “PEFC” product, given that the paper with which it is comprised is sourced only from European countries using certified “renewable” forests where production is managed according to proper environmental, social and economic principles. 

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