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Traditional standard cardboard box


Due to its simplicity in use, this type of packaging is suitable for the safekeeping, transporting and protection of wine products, to satisfy the most common packaging and logistics needs with reduced investments and limited costs per unit. Made via a special automatic forming, printing and die-cutting line, the packaging is palletised and shipped to the customer in “flat” mode.

Technical characteristics

Types of corrugation used in cardboard production

  • C single wave: high - thickness 3.5–4.5 mm
  • B single wave: low - thickness 2.5 mm
  • EB two waves: micro-triple - thickness 5 mm

Up to 7 or more colours
Flexographic or digital technology printing process


Easy to use, with low unit costs and easy storage.

Unique features

The evolution of the markets and technologies has led our product to ever higher levels of quality, both in terms of the absolute precision in the dimensions and in the improvement of the images in high-definition, with a view to developing the item from having a merely logistics function of protection and transport to being a primary advertising vehicle. Designed in a single size for wine, from 3 to 6 units with a divider, up to 12 bottles arranged vertically or “spread out” horizontally, with an automatic “interlocking” or “snap” base according to the client’s specific request.


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