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Self-supporting tray with an octagonal form and openings for air circulation.
Available in the following sizes: 30×20, 24×16, 20×15, 40×30, 50×30 and 60×40 cm.

Up to 30% savings

The innovative idea behind the MILLA® system is the particular octagonal geometry that ensures effective air circulation between the palletised packages. Thanks to a lower thermal shock, it allows up to 30% savings in energy costs. These properties have been experimentally detected through tests conducted by the CRIOF (Pathology Testing Centre for the Conservation and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables) in Bologna.

Visibility of the goods

In the takeaway version, MILLA® perfectly meets all distribution requirements whilst promoting sales thanks to its nice and captivating form. The particular design of the side increases the visibility of the goods, thus enhancing the product and attracting the attention of consumers.

Maximum flexibility

MILLA® effectively responds to the needs of the modern distribution system, ensuring optimal flexibility in accordance with the needs of product rotation also thanks to the possibility of creating modules in varying sizes. MILLA® trays can be filmed or netted. Due to its self-bearing and stackable capabilities, this packaging does not require additional wrapping for transport, thus eliminating any issues regarding disposal at the points of sale.

A complete system

The MILLA® SYSTEM is comprised of the tray and the machinery necessary for its automatic forming. The system can be further expanded and equipped with automatic devices for filling, filming (or netting), weighing, pricing and palletising the packages.

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